Chemistrie® is the next step in the evolution of lens wear.  Utilizing tiny micro magnets embedded within the lenses, the Chemistrie® System is a sleek, stylish way to add sun lenses, reader lenses, or any 3-D lenses to any prescription frame, including 3-piece rimless frames.  These thin .8mm rimless lenses are offered in multiple base curves to perfectly match the base curve of any Rx lens. 

What is the difference between Chemistrie® and prior magnetic and clip-on products?  In prior products, full lens thickness layers were required: the weight of a secondary lens and frame is heavy.  Alternatively, trying to place a lens with a thickness of .9mm into an eye wire configuration doesn't work very well. After years of research, Chemistrie® has rendered these old clip-on sunglasses obsolete. 

Chemistrie® will provide your practice an additional opportunity to increase profits and improve patient satisfaction.  Explore the numerous problem solving applications that the Chemistrie® System can fulfill for your customers. 

Experience the benefits of Chemistrie® on our Alta ZD, Alta Z, Alta Evolution, and Attitude Edgers.