The innovative Alta Zd comes equipped with capabilities that aim to make daily work easier and more effective. After nearly 80 years in the optical business, designers at Briot understand the needs of a modern lab. Alta Zd is made for achieving the highest productivity as it is positioned as the fastest retail edger on the market, and meets every requirement for high end edging in today’s industry.

The edger has 4 different bevel options including a full step bevel and mini bevel. Along with the Smart Design Technology shape creation tool and in chamber drilling; the finished product is only limited by your imagination.


alta zd patternless lens edgerFeatures include:

Smart Design 2.0 Optical Tracer and Shape Design System
The Smart Design camera system helps increase the accuracy of shape reproduction far beyond what can be achieved with a conventional stylus.

  • One of the fastest retail edgers on the market.
  • Process nearly any job type to avoid having to send out costly jobs to labs.
  • Superior quality of finish and polish provides a premium look and feel that you can be proud of.
  • Smart Design shape customization.
  • Briot LinkTM remote servicing.
  • Shelf Bevel to easily process high base-curve wrap frames.
  • Grinding wheels to process all lens materials.
  • 4 different bevels and 6 different bevel programs
  • 17mm minimum eye size

Chemistrie Eyewear that Clicks


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More Features

Smart Design Milling Tool
The Smart Design milling tool can reproduce highly complex shapes with amazing accuracy.

Step Bevel
More and more plastic Frames show a U- rather than a V-Bevel profile. On High Wrap Frames a U-Profile leads to a better hold of the lens inside the frame. The new step bevel process enables glazing of high wrap frames with a U-Profile.

High Efficiency Industrial Grade Motors
The high efficiency wheel motors are designed for high production environments, making it one of the fastest wet edgers in the industry.

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