3D Optical Lens Tracing

The First Revolution in Optical Finishing Since
The Introduction of Patternless Edging

The first optical measurement with flawless 3D sizing.


Mark the axis and place the lens upside down, in four seconds Gravitech completes a trace more accurate than a mechanical tracer without the need to mark the lens edge or mark drill holes.


The blocking axis is aligned with optical axis to create a perfect, parallax free digital reproduction of the lens contour.


Gravitech calculates the gravity center of even the most complex shape to create a unique, consistent axis throughout the entire finishing process.


Determine the base of wrap frames in full 3D, recognize drill points with the click of a button, and reproduce shapes with no distortion for the perfect fit.

Laser Engraving Detection

High Definition Camera lays out single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses

Easy Base Curve Detection

Easily determine the base curve of a lens with a digital lens clock

Entirely Optical Tracing Solution

An optical tracing solution with no mechanical parts

No Need For a Demo Lens

Repairing and correcting shapes was never this simple

Eradicate Parallax Errors

Gravitech provides parallax free digital blocking for a precise block everytime

1:1 Demo Lens Tracing

Independent of lens curve sizing, z-tilt considerations, and R/L frame curves.

Automatic Drill Point Detection

Process drill mount work without programming coordinates manually

Simplified user interface

Improve user compliance and overall lab efficiency with intuitive touchscreen controls that are easy to use and understand.

Detect any type of lens

Gravitech detects all materials and all lens types including sunlenses.

The Gravitech Revolution

Forget mechanical tracing: with GraviTech, tracing happens in the blink of an eye, without mechanically induced distortions.

With Gravitech, the blocking position is calculated easily using the gravity center of the shape, creating a unique axis consistent throughout the entire finishing process. When the blocking axis is aligned with the optical axis, the reproduction of the lens contour is just perfect.

The parallax-free, digital centering and blocking process of Gravitech edges a lens with the perfect shape and size.