The Model 1800 Ophthalmic Chair and Stand provides a unique solution to the space vs functionality conundrum at an impressively valued price. The total footprint is a 45" only in width and length without compromising on features.

Choosing the right chair and stand for your exam lane can be difficult, especially when you have a limited amount of space to work with. The 1800-CB was created with this in mind. We wanted to bring OD's and MD's a chair and stand package that doesn't compromise on features to achieve its tiny footprint. 

1800 cb 1


  • Counterbalanced Ergonomic Refractor Arm
  • Optional 3rd Instrument Arm
  • Pivoting chair up to 40 degrees
  • Halogen Overhead Light(Low Voltage)
  • Counterbalanced Slit Lamp Arm
  • Small Footprint(45"x45")
  • Optional Charging Well Base

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

The S4OPTIK 1600-CH Examination Chair’s pneumatically assisted pivot tilting mechanism with one-handed release/control mechanism allows up to a 40 degree recline simple patient positioning. The 1800 features a strong, yet silent Power Lift System, robust Foot Rest,functional Armrests, intelligent Rotation Lock, sensible Height Control locations, and improved Headrest design.

An engineering achievement, this fully counterbalanced arm incorporates full function and range. With a lock/release mechanism conveniently located at your fingertips utilizing this feature has never been easier. A 13” (33cm) range of travel and counter balance up to 60lbs (27.2kg) allows for this arm to easily accommodate all, including wheelchair patients. A the chair features a reversible left handed set up up/down switch located on the front of the arm.

The 1800-CB offers a long-lasting halogen lamp. This overhead light completes the modern appearance of the combo, providing bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures. The lamp arm is of metal construction and allows stable, one handed movements with superior durability. The overhead lamp is low voltage (12V) for safety.

Engineered with natural hand movements in mind, the comfortable lock/release lever engages a single lock mechanism in all three dimensions (forward/backward/vertical). Counter balance up to 20lbs (9.1kg) and a 12.5”(31.75cm) vertical range ensures precise and effortless positioning.

Optional console features: three rechargeable wells for hand instruments, up/down and auto return for chair, BIO power source with rheostat, overhead light control with rheostat and main power on/off switching. Non-Console version includes rheostat for overhead lamp.

1800 CB