The 2500-CB Ophthamalic Exam Chair and Stand refuses to sacrifice funtionality for space.  This combo unit is the perfect fit for any modern office, all at an affordable price.

A small 44.8” (113.7cm) footprint provides total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort by combining features of the 2500 Exam Chair and the spectacular engineering of S4OPTIK’s instrument arms.

2500COMBO 800pxFeatures Include:

  • Ergonomically designed control console
  • Counterbalanced Upper(Refractor) Arm with range of up to 20lbs
  • Counterbalanced Slit Lamp Arm with range of up to 60lbs
  • Fully Automatic Recline Chair
  • Articulating Halogen Overhead Light
  • Optional Charging Wells
  • Optional Third Arm
  • Optional BIO Hanger
  • Optional Storage Tray

Download Product Brochure (PDF)

2500 CB