Combining the highest quality standards with the best value in the market, The CSL-4U Slit Lamp is a perfect addition to any office. Its stereoscopic converging microscope yields a clear, sharp image that grants the operator a clear field of view.

The halogen bulb provides consistent lighting for observation and optimum color rendition. This classic Slit Lamp is popular world-wide for its excellent optics and user-friendliness.


SL 4USOLO 800pxFeatures Include:

  • Converging stereoscope
  • HS Style
  • 1x,1.6x objective magnification
  • Two-step objective toggle magnification
  • 10x eyepiece magnification
  • Slit width: 0-14mm
  • Slit length: 1-14mm
  • Low/High illumination modes
  • Digital imaging available