Help speed up your exams through an easy-to-use exam automation programming interface with The VX60 advanced digital refraction system. Its easy to use control console combines a high-tech touchscreen interface with the familiarity of physical buttons.

Reduce clerical errors. EMR integration allows for this device to pair with a multitude of instruments and configurations, increasing your speed and efficiency.

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  • Examinations that take a matter of minutes
  • EMR Integration
  • Integration with many third party instruments
  • Ergonomic control console
  • Completely programmable examinations
  • Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity

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The VX60 Digital Refraction Base Package Includes:


Features Include:vx60 thumb 800px

  • Sphere:-19.00 to 16.75D
  • Cylinder:0~+-6.00D
  • PD:48-80 Far
  • Working Distance 35-70cm Rotary Prism Lens: 0-20Delta
  • Cross Cylinder Lens: +- 0.25D
  • Fixed Cross Cylinder Lens: +-0.50D
  • Retinoscopic Lens: +1.5D, +2D
  • Auxillary Lenses: Red/Green, Pin Hole, Polarizing, Split (Dissociation)


L40 Digital Visual Acuity TesterFeatures Include:

  • 430 cd/m2 brightness
  • VESA 100x100 universal mounting bracket
  • Ideal for both low vision patients and those with hyperacuity
  • Available in halogen or LED bulb configurations
  • Color blindness charts
  • Testing distance range from 6.5ft to 19.6ft
  • Wireless remote control