Alta Z Lens Edger

The perfect finishing lab solution for a value focused practice, the Alta Z is the perfect environmentally friendly tool for any eye care professional.  Fast and accurate edging on a variety of materials and frame designs makes this edger a valuable asset to any practice. 

briot alta z patternless lens edger

Smart Design 2.0 Optical Tracer and Shape Design System
The Smart Design camera system helps increase the accuracy of shape reproduction far beyond what can be achieved with a conventional stylus.

Features include:

    • One of the fastest retail edgers on the market
    • Processes almost any job type
    • Superior quality finish and polish
    • Tilted bevel system
    • Variable mini bevel
    • Customizable quick settings 
    • HD drilling
    • More environmentally friendly water consumption
    • Chemistrie® magnetic lens drilling technology

Chemistrie Eyewear that Clicks


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Increase Productivity
The new motor system optimizes the edging algorithms, resulting in 43% faster operation and increased productivity 

Reduced Water Consumption
The Alta Z uses 5 liters for an edged lens versus 16 liters on average with previous models.  

HD Drilling
Process drill jobs accurately and in a timely manner with the Alta Z.  Take advantage of this feature that is quickly growing in popularity in eye wear fashion. 

Process Any Job
Hundreds of job combinations including drilling, safety beveling, grooving drilling, or drilling and bevel. 

AltaZ wht